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As consultants, we understand the need for knowledge and education about the applications and the industry. As certified trainers in those applications, we will train you to use the software with the most efficient and cost-effective approach.


2008 Law Technology News Bronze Award Winner
Law Technology News 2007 Award Finalist
Law Technology News 2006 Technology Award Winner
Law Technology News: 2005 Technology Award Winner


Lisa has proven to be one of the best in the litigation support field. There isn't a challenge in database management that she can't handle. Lisa is very well organized and communicates effectively with clients and fellow litigation professionals. She is knowledgeable and proactive in addressing her client...

Scott Duffy
Project Manager-Hosted Litigation Services

Lisa is the best. Extremely knowledgable and always enjoyable to work with.

Todd Goldberg
NorthStar Litigation Technologies, LLC

I would recommend Lisa very highly. She brings energy and enthusiasm to her clients. This along with her dedication allows early and active adoption of her training and consulting. I am a very satisfied client.

Jim Parrish
Studeo Legal

I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa over the past ten years. She has been instrumental, as a consultant, in the Litigation Industry. As a business owner, she is responsible for providing services to hundreds of Law Firms and Litigation Service Bureau clients. Lisa is an effective communicator and serves as a...

Jill Olsen
LAW PreDiscovery Sales Manager

Lisa is the ultimate litigation support consultant. She understands the software packages and the litigation process inside and out giving her the ability to successfully consult with trial teams to effectively manage their cases. Lisa will never let a problem or software quirk get the best of her; she will always...

Barbara Hanahan
Project Manager
Lockheed Martin

Lisa is a force of nature in the e-discovery industry. I had the good fortune to work with her while I was PM for Concordance. Lisa delivers her best to every client and has the knowledge to create the best solutions to complete litigation projects with high quality, on-time and on-budget. Lisa is a...

John Gill
Program Manager, Technology
Getty Images

I am privileged to have known Lisa as a friend and business colleague for many years. She is exceedingly knowledgeable about the industry and a first class consultant and trainer, whom I would unhesitatingly recommend. Lisa is also innovative and has produced very successful products. The litigation support industry...

Terry Harrison
Managing Director
Hobs Legal Docs Ltd

I was fortunate to have established a working relationship with Lisa, at the onset of my career in Litigation Support. Lisa has always been “in the know” and “ahead of the curve” with respect to the latest technologies in the litigation support industry. Additionally, she has always maintained...

Joe Riley
Regional Vice President
Altep, f/k/a Integrated e Solutions

I have known Lisa Rosen for many years as a reputable and well respected litigation support technology consultant and business leader. Lisa's energy and creative problem solving skills are inspiring. She has the unique ability to assess complex, technical problems and client challenges with ease and to develop...

Karen Brookman
Commonwealth Legal Inc.

Lisa provides top-shelf litigation support, consulting and case management throughout the litigation process. She is knowledgeable regarding a suite of essential litigation software applications used by law firms, corporations and government agencies. Lisa is a professional problem solver and...

Michael Pakter
Managing Member
Gould & Pakter Associates, LLC

Lisa is an expert in litigation support technology. She is well informed on the tools that are available and is able to advise her clients on the best tools for their specific needs. She is a well regarded consultant and trainer with both US and international clients. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly...

Donna Fitch
Director of Partner Relations

Lisa is a client focused, consummate professional. Lisa is very personable and enthusiastic in her interactions with clients and her litigation technology acumen gives her a unique perspective in serving her clients. I have always enjoyed working with her, and I recommend her highly....

John Holland
President & CEO

It has always been a pleasure working with Lisa on various projects and technology strategies. Lisa has always been keen on the trends and needs of the legal industry and provides excellent service with a breadth of knowledge behind her consultations.

Richard Clark
Regional Director of Sales

Lisa is a visionary entrepreneur and expert e-discovery and litigation technology consultant whose award winning software and innovative project solutions have made her advice and company - Rosen Technology Resources - first class brands. Perhaps best of all – Lisa truly enjoys what she does...

Paul Gettmann
Product Manager
LexisNexis Litigation Solutions

Lisa is one of THE experts in the field of e-discovery and I have experienced many times her insight into managing through the complexity of this process both in the workflow and cost challenges. She is an absolute delight and trusted advisor.

Tami Zimmel
Sr. Brand Marketing Manager

Lisa is one of my favorite people in the legal industry. Not only does she know her lit support stuff, but she's one of the most genuine and genuinely entertaining people I know. If I had the chance to work with Lisa, for any reason, I would do so in a heartbeat. I highly recommend her in every...

Jennifer Stevenson
Marketing Director

Lisa Rosen and I have known each other for more than 14 years and in that time, I have always know what a caring, concerned and a total professional she is in every sense of the word. We have been on panels together and while she comes from a vendor perspective, it is in that regard that she cares for her clientele...

Ronald Bruyere
Litigation Support Manager
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith

Lisa is very knowledgeable in a wide array of areas of litigation support. Her attitude and infectious sense of humor bring people together to address issues in a positive and progressive environment. She is a delight to work with and I would recommend her to assist with any litigation support projects.

Monica Paskvan, PMP/CSM

Lisa Rosen is one of the best in litigation support and e-discovery. Her knowledge of the industry and available tools is exceptional. She has the ability to communicate and relate to all the professionals involved in e-discovery including IT staff, paralegals, managers, and attorneys. Along with her knowledge and...

Cathy Phillips Story
Sunkota Services

Lisa is a real pleasure to know and work with. She is one of those all-too-rare individuals that is both insightful as well as driven to see her vision come to life. If you are looking for someone to actually get what is talked about done, you should look no further than Lisa Rosen. It doesn't hurt that she is a...

Jason Cox
Chief Technology Officer

Lisa is one of the best in the business at what she does. She is detail-oriented, has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of eDiscovery, and has far reaching Industry connections that keep her plugged in. She is a go-to vendor when issues become complex.

Todd Corham
Chief Information Officer
Sedgwick LLP

Lisa is truly the best in the litigation industry. I have never met anyone that is more knowledgeable and is always available to answer a colleagues question. She always seems willing to go above and beyond on a project. Lisa is not your typical litigation consultant because she has a fun and outgoing personality. I...

Mike Gott
Litigation Support Analyst
Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell

Lisa is true industry veteran who ran Litigation Support departments, service providers and a technology company. She has the 360 view on how to deliver be it a service or product or solution. However what I think makes Lisa really special is her skills to educate customers, clients or peers to listen, get thoughts...

Gyorgy Pados, CEDS

Lisa is far ahead of the curve when it comes to litigation technology and services. Her vast knowledge of the needs of attorneys and her ability to exceed those needs has always been important in her business model. I firmly believe that she will continue to provide stellar services for many years to come.

Kim Nowosad
Practice Support Manager
Miller Canfield

Rosen Technology Resources, and especially Lisa, are repeatedly requested and always preferred by our staff and attorneys. Their no nonsense and fun style make litigation support services and training accessible to our user population. Lisa has a rare ability to equally serve the needs and concerns of the IT team and...

Abigail Levine
Sedgwick LLP

Lisa is the consumate professional. There is not much she doesn't know about Litigation Support or eDiscovery. She is simply, one of the best consultants on the market. I wouldn't hesitate in recomending Lisa to any firm wanting to improve its business efficiencies and edisocvery processes.

Chris O'Reilly
CEO & President

I have worked with Lisa several times over the past five years and highly recommend her. She is an expert in the litigation support field and brings an unsurpassed level of knowledge and experience to the table. In addition, her personable demeanor makes her easy to work with.

Kelly Swedberg

Lisa has her eyes on the horizon but her hand on the reins. Looking forward and developing what might be "the next thing" in litigation support -- while running a profitable services company -- takes great skill and understanding of the market and clients. In this fast paced world of litigation support, Lisa...

Tom Tigh
Glacier Systems / SuperiorGlacier

Lisa is a top flight trainer. We contracted with her to provide training to several of our clients and they were quite happy afterwards. Her professionalism, ability to keep students' interest and depth of knowledge make her someone I try to emulate during my own training sessions.

Dave Swider
Director of Training and Implementation

Lisa truly gets it: she is one of the quickest people I know at analyzing the true requirements of a matter and getting them addressed, with an enthusiasm that can liven up the driest task.

Andy Kass
Director of Technical Services
Array Technology Group, A Division of U.S. Legal Support, Inc.

I've known Lisa for years and have always found her to be much more knowledgable that most in the litigation support field. I had the ocassion to hire her on a project this year, and, unsurprisingly, she overdelivered. We were ecstatic with the quality of her team's work, very fast turnaround, and excellent...

Sean Byrne
Manager, eDiscovery Services

I rarely write recommendations. However, Lisa Rosen has impressed me so much over the years, that I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity. Without a doubt, Lisa has demonstrated a unique talent for technological expertise, superb business skills and a personality that is hard not to like. She has been...

Chere Estrin
Managing Administrator
The Organization of Legal Professionals

Lisa has been a leader in Litigation Support who always has her hand on the pulse of the industry, providing strong support for new efficient procedures. As one of the industry’s recognized experts in workflow procedures, Lisa’s clients always benefit from her advice. One of the people I look forward to...

Jeffrey Parkhurst
Studeo Legal

Lisa brings intelligence, pragmatism, awareness, insight, expediency and thoroughness to her work and also happens to be a pleasure to work with. Few people in our industry bring the depth of knowledge and capacity to integrate so many technological tools to resolve complicated issues with such efficiency.

David Manber
Director of Litigation Support Services
Array Technology Group, a Division of US Legal Support

Lisa is an effective educator and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She has taught me most of what I know in my current position, and helps out whenever I have a special project or question. She is brilliant, hard-working, and goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is willing to help out at a moment...

Lynn Tubalinal
Litigation Support Analyst

Lisa is exceptionally helpful in navigating the shoals of electronic discovery and handling litigation support for complex cases. Although she has won numerous industry awards, Lisa is able to expertly handle large and small matters with humility and approachability.

Tom McBride Jr.

I don’t use the term ‘trusted advisor’ very often however I have no hesitation in describing Lisa that way. Lisa’s vast knowledge of legal technology, in addition to her understanding of overall client needs, similar to my own, gives her a unique industry perspective. I am fortunate to have her...

Maureen Holland
Vice President

You can't go wrong hiring Lisa Rosen to work on your matters. Her experience, expertise and demeanor are superlative.

Kevin Wixted

Lisa Rosen and I have known each other for more than 14 years and in that time, I have always know what a caring, concerned and a total professional she is in every sense of the word. We have been on panels together and while she comes from a vendor perspective, it is in that regard that she...

Ron Bruyere
Litigation Support Manager
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith

"We are a mid-sized firm that relies on vendors to provide and service our IT needs. Our IT vendor recommended Rosen Tech when we were researching companies to assist in implementing litigation software for our larger cases. We met with Lisa Rosen and were quickly impressed with her knowledge of the industry and...

Don Murday
Chittenden Murday & Novotny LLC

"Rosen Tech knows what matters most:  efficiency and customer service.  As an extra bonus, their people are extremely capable, flexible, and can troubleshoot problems as they arise real-time.  When timelines are important, I would not think of calling on anyone else for assistance.  Rosen Tech...

Tim Schaum
Daspin & Aument, LLP

"As a smaller firm acting as counsel in large, often complex litigation, we need to be able to utilize the same litigation support software tools used by large firms with dedicated IT support staff.  Rosen Technology Resources is the first outside consulting firm we have found that meets our needs for...

Christopher N. Mammel
Childress Duffy, Ltd.

"Rosen Technology Resources has skilled trainers/consultants. They are incredibly knowledgeable about all relevant applications. One of their main strengths is their ability to convey highly technical knowledge in terms that anyone can understand and to anticipate and answer any and all questions one might have....

Michael Flomenhoft
Winston & Strawn

"Rosen Tech can be described in a single word: capable. Any firm can sell you document review software or hosting, but for cases involving a massive universe of documents or difficult data formats, Rosen Tech should be your first choice. They understand how to structure a large project and quickly resolve the...

Josh Silverman
Pomerantz, Haudek, Grossman & Gross LLP




Polaris Near-Duplicate Software, by Rosen Technology Resources has Recently...


Lisa Rosen, President of Rosen Technology Resources, was selected as a Panelist for the Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program...